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Yours truly, another kpop fan

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YoonA’s Lipstick.

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Did you know?

At the age of 18th, Yoon Im of Girls’ Generation or SNSD, has an adopted child from AfricaY

She often gave envelopes and gifts for the child secretly. Until at last it was known and reported by SBS Hope TV. Where the black child are sending video via 3G for Yoona that he misses she and wants to meet. ..
Yoona softly replied “are you okay?” He looked close with that child. Not many who know this, even after the SBS coverage. Yoona might not want this news is too exposed.



So many people hate her. Why? Because she’s overrated. But take a moment and read this article. I’m not forcing you to read it, but I wanted you to find a good reason why to stop hating her. And I’m giving you now a reason to stop hating/bashing her. 

There are many people to hate ‘cause of a valid reason. But you’re hating Yoona because of an INVALID reason.

Yoon/Yoona did not chose herself as to be ‘The visual/face of the group’ or the ‘center of the group’. Who did? The SMent Staff themselves. They chose Yoon for that position ‘cause they saw a potential in Yoon to be that ‘thing’. But you hate her? Now that’s dumb.

Yoon is a camera whore? She seeks for attention? Now now..let me tell you this. Yoona never ASKED for attention. She also never ASKED to be the VISUAL of SNSD. Yoona never asked anything of this, but the SMEnt gave her those. And now you people are seeing that in a negative way. 

Now, I’m asking you for a moment to read this article. Then, watched the video right here.


God bless, Good Luck and Have a Nice day! :*

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: Some things you just don't know 


I recently went to Lima, Peru and did some mission/volunteer work in the poor areas. I went to a primary school, where the walls were all blue, there were kids flocking the staircases and balconies, excited to see the foreigners come with presents and fun filled things to do instead of school…

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